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Holman CDC’s Jobs For Kids program (JFK) is an employment and workforce development training opportunity providing part-time employment opportunities for youth ages 14-18, for 6 weeks during the summer, and fall and spring for high school seniors. Our employer/partners are non-profits, local small businesses and government officials and entities. Community youth are encouraged to submit applications, participate in a rigorous interview process, and are selected by a committee comprised of business owners and other volunteers. Youth earn a salary and obtain valuable work place skills that will enable them to enter the workforce with a definite advantage.

Job Readiness Training Institute

The Job Readiness Training Institute (JRTI) is conducted in conjunction with the Jobs For Kids Youth Employment program, and also as a stand alone program. Through the Jobs For Kids program, participants must complete 12 hours of Job Readiness training. The workshops are managed by Holman CDC and the workshop instructors are volunteers from the business community and Holman United Methodist Church. The institute provides workshops on interview skills, resume writing, workplace ethics, sexual harassment in the workplace, financial literacy, and job search techniques, just to name a few. We also offer a 12 hour Entrepreneur training track, which exposes youth to the basics of entrepreneurship. Holman CDC offers our job readiness workshops and entrepreneur basics in the fall and spring also.


[Video]  Jobs for Kids Interviews